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Learning Basics of Entrepreneurship

Level 1

Entrepreneurship from the Very Basic

Understanding entrepreneurship from the scratch.What it is and how to approach it? This blog will also help you clear some misconceptions about entrepreneurship. Happy reading!


How to generate Startup Ideas in Nepal?

Some people get into entrepreneurship with an idea but some may find it difficult to decide which idea to go forward with. This blog will help the latter.

Level 2

 Validate Your Business Idea

A huge number of startups fail every year because of less amount of time and efforts spent prior to launching the business. This blog will guide you through a easy 3-step process to validate your idea


How to build a team for your startup?

In early stages of startup when you barely have money to run operations, paying your employees can be a huge task. Learn how to build a effective team despite the money crunch.

Level 3 (Interview)

How to get investment for your startup in Nepal?

Funding and investment is the biggest problem entrepreneurs face in Nepal. This blog lists down the ways you can fund your startup from. It also includes an Interview with Sixit Bhatta, CEO and Co-founder, Tootle.


Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs(And the successful ones)

Reading opens up a whole new world to us which is especially important for an entrepreneur to know. If you are an aspiring, growing or a successful entrepreneur, these five books will help you grow as a person and a leader. 

Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Agriculture Sector

Prospects of Agriculture and Agri-tech Startups

Agriculture sector employs more than 60 percentage of Nepal’s total population and therefore carries large prospects for entrepreneurial endeavours. 

E-commerce and Logistics

Prospects for Logistics Startups in Nepal

With the e-commerce space growing day by day in Nepal , a new opportunity to cater the unmet needs of online business’s logistics and distribution is growing. 

Tourism Sector

Prospects for Travel Startups In Nepal

Tourism carries the largest pool of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Nepal. With so many problems in tourism right now, the entrepreneurial prospects are the highest.


Prospects for Education Startups in Nepal

Education is the biggest business in the world and Nepal’s Education startup game has not really started yet. There is a huge prospect from Online education to homeschooling.

Startup failure

Why do Startups in Nepal fail?

Several factors decide whether or not our business will succeed. Here is a list of reasons as to why startups in Nepal fail and how you as an entrepreneur can avoid them


Problems in e-commerce startups in Nepal

E-commerce is the hot topic when it comes to entrepreneurship in Nepal. However, the entire sector is filled with problems which newer startups should strive to solve.


Art and Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Art in Nepal has seen little to no innovation in terms of Entrepreneurship, here we explore what are the opportunities in the startup world of Art in Nepal.

Development in Nepal


How can we  develop    Nepal?

An easy way to approach the difficult questions like Why haven’t we developed so far and What should we do to stir things up a bit. Go on reading! 

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal

For backward nations like Nepal, Social entrepreneurship is a way to have it all from economic prosperity to social development. Learn how.


3 things Nepal cannot develop without

Out of many problems that hinder the development of Nepal, these three are the major ones. Understand these monster-like challenges and how to deal with them.


Problems with Education System of Nepal

A critical study of Nepal’s education system through a volunteer teacher’s perspective. Read the current problems.

Entrepreneurship Talks


In Talks with Kanchan Rai, Ghumante on Tourism startups

Kanchan Rai, Founder, Ghumante talks about his travel experiences and the immense pool of opportunities he sees for travel and tourism startups in Nepal.


Meet Anugraha Ghale, Gharmai Productions, An art entrepreneur

Anugraha, an eighteen year old young, passionate and powerful entrepreneur in Nepal working to change the art space and bring a Mental heath revolution for the Nepalese youth.

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