education startups in Nepal

Education Startups in Nepal

Education is one of the biggest businesses in the world. It is something that is not widely affected by the demand and supply of the markets. Innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector of Nepal haven’t really been visible. We continue to do most things the traditional way. A sudden need for online education has entered the world and this has opened up several new prospects for education startups in Nepal.

education startups in Nepal

Nepalese students foreign education market

In 2019, around 323k students applied for foreign education in 2019(around 63k got accepted). This figure was just 16,500 in 2013/14.
They spent over Rs40 Billion(approximately 337 million USD in November 2020) on foreign education. This shows a humongous market with “deep pockets” whose needs are yet to be catered to.

How should a student approach the decision of studying abroad to filling out forms, writing essays, the whole process of admission and backups is still something that they have to go through individually while they would totally get help from a trusted source. There are endless possibilities for education startups in Nepal in this regard.

I am not suggesting to open a consultancy service, I am sure there are many but rather a one-stop solution a student thinking about going to a foreign country to study should look at. Get out in the world and see what problems do these hundreds of thousands of people face and see if you can innovatively solve them.

Online Education in Nepal

Before COVID-19, the idea might not be as appealing but now since the education of 8.8 Nepalese students was halted due to lack of online education infrastructure, it’s a really promising one. Nepal is still struggling to make peace with online education and there aren’t any trusted companies/sources to help them.

Even after the pandemic is over, online education will still hang around in terms of extra tuition and studies to provide a better learning portal. Education can be improved multiple folds in terms of quality with customized classes and subject experts.

Education startups in Nepal

Various examples can be looked into for references like Byju’s or Khan Academy. Online education startups in Nepal should create something that is easily acceptable in all regions taking into consideration the digital divide and internet issues.  


As people started becoming aware of the shortcoming of the existing and traditional education system, a lookout for alternate methods to educating their child have started. Homeschooling and Unschooling are the famous alternatives. Homeschooling is a progressive alternate-education movement in which parents/guardians educate their children a chosen curriculum at the safety and comfort of their homes.

 The main idea behind homeschooling is that children need to learn things that they love at their own speed and in the manner most suitable for them without being bothered by or hurried by the teacher. However, Unschooling eliminates the role of the parents too. It is completely child-driven. The child learns things at his/her own pace and focuses on whatever he feels passionate about. 

The trend of homeschooling and Unschooling have started to spring out in Asian countries like Nepal and India too. It’s about time Education startups in Nepal pay attention to this idea also.

Education startups in nepal

Nepal PSC/Loksewa exam

Every year lakhs of students prepare for loksewa exams in Nepal and there are no dedicated web portals/applications to cater to the needs of such students. Not every student can manage to or even want to attend physical classes to prepare for PSC exams. If education startups in Nepal can provide a cost-effective and easy solution to this problem in one platform, it would help millions in coming years.

Skill based Platforms

As time is passing, new skills are necessary for the people to avail job opportunities. However, there aren’t any platforms catering to this deficit of skills among most employable candidates for most jobs.

This does not only mean technical skills like coding, programming, Machine Learning, etc but also soft skills like public speaking, sales, entrepreneurship, design thinking, etc. They could also look into things like essay writing for colleges, resume/CV making short-term courses.

Education startups in Nepal

Nepalese languages learning platform

There are more than 123 languages spoken in Nepal. Thousands of Nepalese go to foreign countries to study and work. This has created a huge opportunity for language learning platforms whether it is teaching Nepalese languages to other people or teaching Nepalese people other languages like English, German, French, etc. 

There is a great opportunity for startups to come into the market and take the first mover advantage. These are just a few areas where startups could tap into and do great things. Make sure you build a good business model and you can Learn how to Validate your idea here Education startups in Nepal will not only help elevate the education standards of Nepal but help build a better workforce for the future ultimately helping a ton in developing Nepal. 

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