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The Changemaker Club is a learning platform for Nepalese people to learn about entrepreneurship and the opportunities in Nepal and how they can contribute towards the nation’s development. We strongly believe that Social entrepreneurship is the answer to most problems in Nepal. We aspire to educate, empower and inspire an entire generation of youth to become the Change makers of today.

How can we Develop Nepal?

Prospects for Agriculture startups in Nepal

Prospects for Logistics startups in Nepal

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"Don't wait for others to come and develop your country.
Take charge! Live upto your potential"

Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs(And the successful ones)

Reading opens up a whole new world to us which is especially important for an entrepreneur to know. If you are an aspiring, growing or a successful entrepreneur, these five books will help you grow as a person and a leader. 

Unfiltered Kriti

A corner for unfiltered midnight thoughts of a young girl who loves food, mountains and books

Our blogs with Entrepreneurship Talks

Prospects for Travel Startups in Nepal

I discuss with Kanchan Rai, Founder, Ghumante, the immense pool of opportunities for travel entrepreneurs in Nepal

How to get investment for your startup in Nepal

What are the ways to fund your startup? Listen from Sixit Bhatta himself.

Entrepreneurship from the very Basic

An "entrepreneurship 101" blog.

Behind the screen

Behind the screen is an amateur blogger and now also a proud website developer. Can I be outrageous and call myself a one-man-army? Hello, I am Kritagya. Welcome to my Blog.  I have always been a very inquisitive person and although not vocal enough, I have always had millions of questions in my mind and not being able to find out answers to basic questions when it came to my own country was a little disappointing. This blog page is a dream, a personal project to help my people become the entrepreneurs they already have within. 

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Social entrepreneurship in Nepal

And how it can play a major role in Nepal's Development

social entrepreneurship

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