Unfiltered Kriti

Welcome to my corner of unfiltered thoughts(mostly)

Hello there!

I am Kritagya Kriti. I call this part of this blog my safe haven because I put my midnight thoughts here. I am 22 years old, most of the time confused, broke and anxious. And, oh, a feminist! Not a very good combination of personality traits, I know! I love to eat, read, travel and teach.

I hope you enjoy and find something to take away from my scribbling.

I left everything and Moved to the mountains

When the lockdown forced people to stay indoors, I decided to move to this little village called Jalapa in Khotang. I taught there in a community school and it was the best thing I had ever done. Read why.

Growing up as a feminist in a patriarchal society

I don’t remember when I heard the word ‘Feminism’ for the first time but I do remember the signs of clear discrimination between men and women since childhood. I hated it then, I hate them now with more intensity.

Service 3

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