3 things Nepal cannot Develop without

The talks about the Development of Nepal have become never-ending. It has however come to an utterly paradoxical point where everybody and nobody knows what is to be done to develop Nepal. A number of things has to be put to place in order to help Nepal develop.
Having said that, this blog will list 3 things without which the Development of Nepal is next to impossible.

1.Education – The way we teach our children has not improved in forever. We still rely on maths, science, and english heavily leaving the factors like entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation to chance hoping one out of thousand will magically learn how to become an entrepreneur. To build a change-making mindset we have to work from school level, continue building them into conscious, compassionate, and capable individuals who would want to work for the development of Nepal. Introduction of Entrepreneurship education from school level is highly important.

Imagine an entire generation of young people who actively work towards extracting their country out of the third-world countries place. We also need to build a character among them so that rather than going to foreign countries and becoming cheap labor they would rather work in Nepal become our valued changemakers. Paying enough importance to politics as a career should also be done. The stigma of “politics is a dirty job” should be left behind. 

2.Improved Political Scenario- It’s blatantly sad how we people have been yearning for one political party or even one person who would actually want to work for developing the country rather than supporting their personal agenda. I do not think it is too much to ask for given that it is their ONLY job. We need a leader who understands their responsibility and strives to do them as he is doing a national service. Somebody who is logical, non-narcissistic, and rational. Bureaucracy and Red-tapism has to be managed in way that it does not kill the projects. Many hydro-electricity projects have been known to collapse because of dirty bureaucracy.

I feel stupid even mentioning these things but that’s how bad situations are here. The inclusion of young political leaders into the political system is inescapable and that does not just mean getting them to be a political party, it means inclusion in policy-making. This inclusion will come with better education and more open-mindedness. They come with fresh perspectives that elder politicians might not think of. 

Songs have always been an immense source of inspiration and motivation for me. However, nothings has hit me more than this one song written by Taylor Swift called “Only the Young”.

And the big bad man and his big bad clan
Their hands are stained with red
Oh, how quickly, they forget
They aren’t gonna help us
Too busy helping themselves
They aren’t gonna change this
We gotta do it ourselves
They think that it’s over
But it’s just begun
Only one thing can save us
Only the young (only the young)

3.Credit Facility and Investment – One of the biggest reasons why Entrepreneurship has not flourished in Nepal as it should have is because of poor government policies and disinterest in providing credit facilities to budding entrepreneurs. This has been caused due to he myopic vision of the politicians and corporate houses in Nepal who not want to keep money in the hands of young people.  No special reforms are put to place to provide financial assistance to startups. Even the FDI regulations have been made such that no foreign company can invest in major sectors like tourism, agriculture, or manufacture. Minimum threshold for investment has been increased from NPR 5 million to NPR 50 million. Entrepreneurship is the key to the development of Nepal but the environment this country has created is not at all conducive towards growth and sustenance of startups. 

The concern among the youth to develop their country is rising. We can all collectively do that if we follow the right path. For a better understanding on how to Develop Nepal. Read How can we Develop Nepal?

I hope this was an informative read.

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