Who even is she!?


Hello. I am glad you decided to look up the person behind these blogs. I am Kritagya. I am the writer and the creator of this blog website. I like to call myself the Chief Changemaker of this club hoping there are other people joining. Also, just in case people have any kind of doubt regarding if I am qualified enough to write legit blog posts about entrepreneurship and development in Nepal, I am a business administration graduate with specialization in entrepreneurship and also a voracious reader which has led me gain some knowledge on the topic. 

I have been a freelance writer throughout my undergraduate program and it came to a point where I thought what the point of writing for other people is when I have my own thought that could help so many others in Nepal and then out of impulse I created this blog website. Also, I had tons of business ideas that would be perfect in Nepal but I wanted to pursue my masters first so I thought others could definitely benefit from the business ideas that come to my mind in context of Nepal. The COVID – 19 pandemic also played a major role for me to take this leap of faith and jump right into the blogging world. Having no website development skill was a challenge in the beginning but now I am getting better at it.

I have been a strong advocate of how entrepreneurship is the way towards a developed Nepal. It is the reason why I studied entrepreneurship. Growing up, I saw so many problems that could have been solved but they simply weren’t. Why? Because sometimes people didn’t care enough and many other times they were not equipped to. Those in the position to create a change and make things better in the country were working for their own personal agenda and fortune building leaving the poor country behind. I was beyond frustrated to see the corruption and in efficiency of people in power  and millions of youth not being able to do enough for themselves or their nation. 

That is how The Changemaker Club happened. I have always loved this word – Changemaker. There is a certain kind of power in it that makes you want to get up and get to work. I also believe in the youth of Nepal. I know that when given ample opportunities and shown the right way, the can conquer the world.

With this website, I just want to be a medium for young people to be fueled by their ideas and driven by their dreams. I want us to find our voice amidst all the clutter and noise collectively. I want us to breathe passion into the things we do and be absolutely relentless in our pursuits. I want us to never think twice before dreaming “too” big. We, the young are changemakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, even authors and we are the force that is fueling the growth and development of Nepal.

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